Yosemite Residential Pile Burning

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Yosemite Residential Pile Burning
Now is the time to think about defensible space and hazard fuel reduction. Residential burning is allowed on permissible burn days.  Prior to burning, residents must verify burn day status through the Mariposa County Information Line at 209-966-1200.  Notification of burning must then be made to the Yosemite Emergency Communications Center at 209-379-1999.  A black roll-off open top dumpster for leaf disposal has also been provided in the residential area of Oak Lane.
While cooler temperatures have helped diminish the threat of wildfire, property owners and residents are asked to use caution while conducting burns, and maintain control of the fire at all times.  Individuals can be held liable for allowing a fire to escape their control and/or burn onto other property.  Safe residential pile burning is a crucial tool in reducing fire hazards.  Please reference 2018 Yosemite Superintendent’s Compendium – change on page 27 which allows for residential burning to include Yosemite Valley.
Burn pile requirements:
– Maximum pile size is 4 foot in diameter.
– Clear all flammable material and vegetation within 10 feet of the outer edge of burn pile.
– An adult must remain in attendance with a shovel until the fire is dead out.
– Keep 5 gallons water supply or a charged hose at the burning site.
– No burning shall be undertaken unless weather conditions (particularly wind) are such that burning can be considered safe. 
– No burning shall be undertaken when wind speeds or gusts in excess of 5 MPH are present or forecast.
– Burn small branches and leaf vegetation debris only.
– To reduce smoke impacts, burn dry vegetation during daylight hours
If you have any questions regarding residential burning, please contact your local fire station.
Station 1 – El Portal Station Captain Freitas 379-1903
Station 2 – Wawona Station Captain Bevington at 375-9515
Station 3 – Yosemite Valley Station Captain Ludwig at 372-0416  (S. Saunders)