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Pika Fire Update 8/7/23
Location: Just west of North Dome

Elevation: 7,100’

Discover date: June 29, 2023

Size: 841 acres

Containment: 80%

Cause: Lightning

Yosemite Fire crews are using a management strategy utilizing natural barriers and trails to confine the spread of the fire in a predefined area. A confine and contain strategy under favorable conditions allows fire to move naturally across the landscape, providing ecological benefits to plants and wildlife, while also meeting protection objectives to minimize risk to people and infrastructure.

Fire management in Yosemite provides for the reduction of hazardous fuels, increasing the diversity of habitats, promoting new plant growth and a return of a natural fire cycle to the landscape.

Trail closures are still in effect for trails on Indian Ridge and within the Pika Fire burn area, Lehamite Creek Trail and the southern trail to North Dome are now open. Areas of unburned fuel remain active northwest of North Dome. Crews will remain onsite to ensure the fire stays within the current perimeter and will continue to monitor for the coming weeks.

Smoke from the Pika Fire is expected to impact Yosemite Valley in the evenings and overnight with conditions improving as smoke lifts during the late mornings. Slight impacts may also be seen on trails near the fire including in Yosemite Valley.

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