The Badger Pass A-frame is open for the 2023 Season!

The Badger Pass A-frame is open for the 2023 Season!

The Badger Pass A-frame is open and staffed 7 days/week by Wilderness staff to answer questions and issue backcountry Wilderness permits. Call (209) 372-0408 for current ski/snow conditions.

Snow conditions: With calmer and dryer conditions prevailing for the last 2 weeks, we have watched the snow consolidate from a base depth of 108″ here at the A-Frame to 87″. Most of our Nordic Trails are now broken and traveling around on skis has become much easier. Sticky snow can still await the unprepared Nordic traveler who ventures out without a ski scraper or rub on wax. Be careful using a ski pole to try to knock that snow off the ski as you can easily find yourself with only one complete ski pole. The Ostrander and Peregoy Snow surveys were completed recently and as one might expect given the early winter storms, there is a lot of snow and a lot of water in the snow. We are busy patrolling our Nordic Routes equipped with hammer and nails to move our trail markers up, which is only an option when there is enough snow to reach them.

Remember to bring cross country skis or snowshoes (or rent them from the Nordic Center) if you plan to come up to explore the Wilderness around Badger Pass. Nordic ski routes are intended for ski or snowshoe travel only. Please never walk or hike on the ski trails as post hole damage (however shallow) is long lasting and presents real hazards to yourself as well as all other winter recreators. Only bears still walking around in the winter are excused from this expectation.

We look forward to seeing you up here! (C.Carter)

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