Daily Report – Yosemite National Park Friday, November 10, 2023

Daily Report – Yosemite National Park

Friday, November 10, 2023

Yosemite National Park Zone Forecast

Today: Mostly cloudy early in the morning then clearing. Haze early in the afternoon. Highs 37 to 51. West winds up to 10 mph.

Tonight: Mostly clear. Near steady temperature in the lower 30s. East winds up to 10 mph.

Tomorrow: Not as cool. Sunny. Highs 42 to 56. Southeast winds up to 10 mph shifting to the west in the afternoon.

Additional Point Forecast Weather Links:

Yosemite Valley | Wawona | Tuolumne Meadows | Glacier Point | Big Oak Flat | Hetch Hetchy | El Portal | Mariposa | Badger Pass



Tioga Road Update

The Tioga Road has thick ice hazards throughout the road that prevented road opening on Thursday. Rangers and Road Crew will continue monitoring to see if we can reopen safely potentially today, Friday, November 10. Storms are developing for early next week that will necessitate future road closures. (M. Krebs)


Quarry Fire – Final Update

Thursday, November 9th, 2023

Stanislaus National Forest

PIO Contact:
Benjamin Cossel, benjamin.cossel@usda.gov

Fire Statistics:
Location: The Quarry Fire is located on the Stanislaus National Forest, Mi-Wok Ranger District, off Forest Road 3N01, east of Bourland Creek and near the Emigrant Wilderness west of Cherry Creek.

Acres Burned to Date: 9,130 (reduction due to more accurate mapping)
Cause: Lightning
Containment: 100%
Total Personnel: Patrol Status

Current Activities: Last activity was on Friday, November 3rd when resources finished hand firing the box springs trail into the granite to secure any further spread to the North and East. Resources monitored fire activity on Saturday, November 4th as small interior islands of unburned fuel consumed between the fires edge and Bourland Creek. Sunday, November 5th the fire received 3 /4 “ of rain which ceased any further fire spread though larger fuels continued to slowly burn. Monday, November 6th the fire received 1” of snow – resources did not go out that day due to road conditions. Tuesday, November 7th the type 2 WFM crew was demobed and the fire was put into patrol status. The only activity noted by the patrolling engine was smoldering in the large heavy’s and stump holes. Wednesday, November 8th the type 3 engine was demobed and the fire was called controlled. No anticipated growth due to current fuel conditions from the received precipitation. Large down material and stump holes will continue to smolder until we receive more moisture or they burn out. As road conditions allow patrol units will be sent out every few days until either no heat or smoke is found or feet of snow accumulate on the fire before it will be declared out.

Background: The Quarry fire was one of 42 fires ignited by lightning strikes across the forest on September 9, 2023. District fire managers immediately worked to ensure these naturally ignited fires stayed within pre-determined boundaries. Fire personnel with the Stanislaus National Forest are currently managing the Quarry Fire to achieve multiple resource objectives. (B. Cossel)


Peet’s Coffee closed today 11/10
Peet’s Coffee will be closed today, Friday, November 10. (N. Zavala)



Road Condition Information – Call the Road Tape.
As we move into the time of year where we are faced with almost constantly changing road conditions, please remember to call the road tape for current road conditions, 209-372-0200. It has the most up to date road information. Do not call Yosemite Dispatch for road information or conditions, you will be directed to the road tape. (C Mitchell)


Tioga and Glacier Point Road
Tioga Road and Glacier Point Road may reopen around mid-day on Thursday pending road condition assessments by Rangers and Road Crews. Weather forecasts can change rapidly during this time of year. There are more storms forecasted next week that might cause future road closures. (M. Krebs)


The next Yosemite Forum will take place on Tuesday, November 14, from 3:30 to 4:30 pm.

Tracking Yosemite’s Big Wall Bats
By Gabe Reyes and Austin Waag, US Geological Survey

Bats are nocturnal, secretive, and highly mobile, making them difficult to study and monitor. They are also an important component of biodiversity and ecosystem health. To better understand their habitat selection and movements, USGS and NPS biologists have been studying Yosemite’s bats by capturing them, temporarily attaching transmitters, and locating them within their roosts using radio-telemetry tracking (and sometimes climbing!) techniques. Our research involves finding maternity colonies and hibernacula, in combination with using Motus automated telemetry to learn about bat ecology and migration.

The Yosemite Forum will take place in-person at the Yosemite Valley Auditorium, and also be presented virtually via Microsoft Teams:

https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3ameeting_NGEwYTdiNGMtZDlmNC00NDE4LWJjZGItNzU4ZDhmYjEwMjc4%40thread.v2/0?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%220693b5ba-4b18-4d7b-9341-f32f400a5494%22%2c%22Oid%22%3a%22ca2c5d0b-6ebd-4e7d-9ef8-3bff9c6fc8c2%22%7d (G.Stock)

EP Fire Station Parking
Please do not park in the open dirt area just east of the El Portal wildland fire station or behind the Motor Inns between Tuesday and Friday. Fire is having a mobile office trailer delivered Wednesday and needs that area clear. Set up of the trailer will be on Thursday and Friday. (R. Mitchell)

Yosemite Conservancy Volunteer Coordinator Position
Looking for a career move that affects positive change all over Yosemite National Park? If you’re a leader of people and doer of things, then you should check this out! YC’s Volunteer Coordinator will partner with NPS work leaders on numerous volunteer programs, including the award-winning Work Week Crews, to identify and schedule service projects then recruit, onboard, and train hundreds of volunteers to accomplish the work. The coordinator will need some solid experience in Yosemite and a drive to steward and protect this land in the face of climate change. Preference given to those with experience in and passion for logistics, trail maintenance, vegetation and ecological restoration, wildland fire mitigation, risk management, contingency planning, data management, and overwhelming love and support for Yosemite.

Is that you? If so, please send a single PDF cover letter and resume to Emily Brosk, Director of Volunteer Programs, ebrosk@yosemite.org Application deadline is November 20, 2023. Please visit https://yosemite.org/careers/ to view the complete position description. (E. Brosk)

Apartment for Rent

700 sqft furnished studio in Midpines. New construction full kitchen, bathroom, in-unit laundry, and private patio. Located on shared 10 acres, attached to main house, unpaved access road, with property views of Clark Range, Mariposa, and across the Central Valley. Dogs ok upon approval. Month to month lease; available immediately. $1050 for one person, $1200 for two; utilities included (and starlink!). Contact Allissa for details – abrush@yosemite.org (A.Brush)


Yin Yoga: Relax and Restore led by Kyra Taylor in partnership with the Wellness Coalition
Wednesdays in November 11/8, 11/15, 11/22, 11/29
Time: 9a-10a / Located at the Valley Auditorium behind the Visitor Center

Yin yoga is a meditative, relaxing, deep stretch style class. We focus on the health of our fascia and connective tissues, instead of the superficial musculature.
In this class we will learn to connect with our bodies, learn to listen to what it needs, and take the opportunity to slow down in our lives and give our minds and bodies the rest it deserves. This program is open to all Park Partners! We will have a few mats to lend but participants are encouraged to bring their own mats & blankets; the room is unheated please bring warm layers. Questions? tkyra156@gmail.com or yose_dei@nps.gov (YOSE DEI)

Looking For Rental In EP
Quiet, respectful, non-smoking married couple seeking rental in El Portal. Andria is the park’s new carnivore specialist. Looking for a long-term lease that starts in December. They have one well-behaved senior dog and no other pets. Please reach out to Andria Townsend (amd94@humboldt.edu) with any opportunities. (S. Stock)

Yosemite Medical Clinic Operating hours
Nov 9: Urgent care service and workers’ compensation only. Dr. Jesse Coenen will provide the services while Dr. Irwin-Warren is away.
Nov 10: CLOSED due to Federal holiday.
Nov 13-16: Urgent care service and workers’ compensation only. Dr. Jesse Coenen will provide the services while Dr. Irwin-Warren is away.
​**Patient will have to pay fee OUT-OF-POCKET for urgent care visit during Nov 9 through Nov 16 with Dr. Coenen as clinic won’t be able to bill for insurance**
Nov 17 Free Flu Clinic only 9am – 12pm & 1- 3pm.
Nov 20-22 NO urgent care. Limited scheduled primary care telehealth by Dr. Irwin-Warren.
Nov 23 CLOSED for Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov 24 Free Flu Clinic only 9am – 12pm & 1- 3pm.
Nov 27 & 30 NO urgent care. Limited scheduled primary care telehealth by Dr. Irwin-Warren.
Nov 28-29 CLOSED for x-ray training.
Dec 1 Free Flu Clinic only 9am – 12pm & 1- 3pm.
Dec 4, 5 & 6 CLOSED for new system training.

For primary care patients, if you have an urgent situation, please contact our nurse manager, Santhana Webb at 209-372-4637 or yose_ymc@nps.gov. We will do our best to accommodate your need until we are back in full service on Dec 7. (P. Ulrich)



Wawona Road Hazardous Fuel Removal
Tribal crews and contractors are removing hazardous fuels along Wawona Road from the South Entrance to the park boundary at Mt. Raymond Road. Removing hazardous fuels in the form of small trees and previously downed logs will support fire fighters to implement an interagency prescribed fire that will ultimately lead to better protection of the Mariposa Grove and the communities of Fish Camp and Wawona from high severity fires. Delays up to 15 minutes may be expected. Please slow down and watch for workers along the road. Contact garrett_dickman@nps.gov with any questions. (G. Dickman)

Yosemite Valley Shuttle Bus Stop Improvements

The NPS contractor continues site demolition and preparation in Curry Village (Orchard Parking) and at Upper Pines and Lower Pines campground stops on the Happy Isles Loop. Work sites are being prepared for paving. Disruption and delays in traffic circulation are to be expected. The contractor is authorized to conduct traffic control operations Monday through Thursday. This work will continue until mid-December, weather permitting. (J. Donovan)


The Merced Grove is Closed for Restoration

Giant sequoias are adapted to frequent, low-intensity fire and depend on fire for reproduction. Frequent fires reduce fire intensity by thinning the forest of small and unhealthy trees and reducing the accumulation of dead branches and trees. But over the past century, fires were suppressed, and drought and insects killed millions of trees in Yosemite. In the Merced Grove, there is limited sequoia regeneration and fuel loading has increased to dangerous levels. Currently, we cannot safely introduce fire without first mechanically removing fuels first. Since 2020, wildfires have killed almost 20% of mature giant sequoias across their range due to extreme fuel loading, and we aim to prevent that outcome in the Merced Grove. Therefore, we are removing small diameter conifers, trees posing a hazard to firefighters and containment lines, and dead and downed wood to reduce wildfire risk to the sequoias and firefighters as preparation for the first prescribed fire in and around the grove. The grove will be closed for 2.5 months during the restoration for visitor and worker safety. Please contact garrett_dickman@nps.gov with questions or for access. (G. Dickman)


Dispatch Expansion Project

The Dispatch Expansion project is converting most of the El Portal Warehouse lobby into office space for the Emergency Communications (Dispatch) Center. The lobby elevator is off-limits except in case of emergency. The lobby stairs are still blocked off and the rest of the lobby area is closed unless you are involved with the project. Warehouse occupants and visitors need to use alternate means of ingress/egress until the re-construction of the stairs is finished. Do not enter through the RMS building unless you work there. To access the Dispatch office area, follow the signs in through the Trails area door just inside the fence/gate. Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Contact Nicole Belle Isle, Project Manager, for more information. (N. Belle Isle)


Sugar Pine Floodplain Restoration Through November 10

The Vegetation and Ecological Restoration Branch will be conducting restoration work in the floodplain south of Sugar Pine Bridge from August 14 to November 10. This project will excavate fill from historic channels to reactivate the floodplain, provide habitat for aquatic wildlife and plants, and restore natural hydrology. This project is a recommended action from the Merced Wild and Scenic River Management Plan to mitigate the effects of the historic but undersized Sugar Pine Bridge on the Merced River. Earth moving machinery, including excavators and dump trucks, will be operating in this area. Please ask that the public stay out of this area for their safety. To learn more about Merced River restoration visit: https://www.nps.gov/yose/learn/nature/mercedriverrestoration.htm (A. Puchkoff)


Y8 Fuel Station Down
The Y8 gas station is currently down. For gas needs in the meantime, please call the garage from 8 am – 5 pm, 7 days a week at 209-372-1060 to schedule a fill until further notice. We’ll update when the station is back up and running. (C. Layman)


Valley Shuttle Construction Impacts

Valley Shuttle stops 19, 4 and 2 are out of service due to construction. (C. Layman)


Road work on Wawona and Glacier Point Road

Park Forestry crews will be working on Hwy 41 Wawona Road North of Henness Ridge Road through the end of November. Crews will also be working along Glacier Point Road intermittently through the end of November. Anticipate 20 minute delays, and please keep speeds slow while traveling through the work zone. Thanks for your patience. (B. See)

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