Badger Pass A-frame, Yosemite Update 1/3/23

Badger Pass A-frame is open for the season 1/3/23 

The Badger Pass A-frame will be open and staffed 7 days/week by Wilderness staff to answer questions and issue backcountry Wilderness permits. Call (209) 372-0408 for current ski/snow conditions.

Snow conditions: It has been a dynamic period for snow conditions. The A-Frame weather station received over 7.5 inches of rain, followed by 9 inches of snow in the last storm (8.2 inches of water total); rain was reported as high as 9000′. Most of the Nordic routes around Badger Pass have already been broken by skis and snowshoes, but with more weather incoming, fresh trail breaking conditions can be expected later in the week. Expect potentially deep snow, difficult trail breaking, and to use keen navigational skills. Additionally, use extreme caution in any meadow areas: this includes Summit Meadow, Westfall Meadow, McGurk Meadow, or Circle Meadow(along the #18 Route to Dewey Point) as the last storm created flooded meadows which became covered(concealed) by snow. There is a heightened chance of falling through into icy water in these areas. Stick to the trees on the perimeter of the meadows as much as possible. Snow bridges over creeks are either gone or cannot be depended upon to support your weight.

Remember to bring cross country skis or snowshoes (or rent them from the Nordic Center) if you plan to come up to explore the Wilderness around Badger Pass. Nordic ski routes are intended for cross-country ski or snowshoe travel only. Please never walk or hike on the ski trails as post hole damage (however shallow) is long lasting and presents real hazards to all other winter recreators.

We look forward to seeing you up here! (C.Carter)

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